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Pete’s Crete hereby guarantees to the above owner that the foundation wall installed by Pete’s Crete at the premises located at: (your property), shall be free from leaking or flow of water. it is further guaranteed that if there is leaking or flow of water through the foundation walls, that Pete’s Crete shall, upon notice by the owner, immediately correct said foundation walls so as to stop said leaking or flow of water, and this correction shall be without any charge or cost to the owner.

The above warranty is subject to the following which exclude Pete’s Crete from any liability if the leaking or flow of water is caused by the following:

  1. Any damage to the foundation walls by mechanical or utility outlet not under the control of Pete’s Crete
  2. Improper back-filling or abuse of back-filling procedures not under the control of Pete’s Crete.
  3. The outside landscaping must drain away from the foundation wall.
  4. The plugging or stopping of the drain tiles not caused by any act of Pete’s Crete.
  5. Dampness or condensation which can be reasonably expected during the first year of the setting of the excavated ground outside
  6. Any damage to the foundation caused by an act of God.

This guarantee shall extend, subject to the above exceptions, for a period of two years from the installation of said walls and shall extend only to the cost of fixing or repairing any leaks or flow of water through said wall, and Pete’s Crete expressly does not guarantee payment of or hold itself responsible for any damage to personal property installed or stored in said basement.


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